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SEO Writing

Writing copy for your own website is a complex business. Not only do you have to write good copy to publicise your business and sell your services but, if you want your website to get seen, you have to understand a little about how the web works. SEO, Search Engine Optimization is the buzz word. […]

Traffic From Social Bookmarks

Sites like,, and other social bookmarking sites can give you a huge traffic. How about having 30,000 or more visitors everyday when your website is on the front page. Here are some useful tips on how to get huge traffic from these social bookmarking sites: * Catchy Headlines – There are many […]

Set Things Clear.

We get a few Negative emails about what we do and cost. So, lets get things straight. Emails: “…I bet you guys are a scam. You take peoples money and dont do anything or provide any services….” Take What Money?? Everything we do is Free. Not helping people?? The more we help you make money, […]

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