I’m Michael Marshall. I’ve had 1 goal in life, make money without spending more than you make. So I believe on doing everything that doesn’t cost a dime. I’ve been helping people to do the same. Other Marketers wants you to join their Program/Affiliate and have you pay Monthly Fees, Subscription Fees, Activation Fees, or something. I’m the other way around, I don’t charge Anything.
What do I Offer?
Free Domain
Free Hosting
Free Templates
Free Services to help With the Templates
Free Banner Creator
Free Web Submission
Free Ways to make Money, via Article Submission
(Not having to pay Monthly charge to become Gold Members or Whatever)
Free Link Directories
Free Exposures

As long as we do things together, the more money YOU Make, the more I Make. I’m one of those people who would rather get 1000 Affiliates and make a Buck on each one than getting 1 Affiliate and make $100.
So thats why I’m trying to get a small group together to help Generate those 1000 Affiliates. Makes Sense, Right??

But you can either be those People who Make $100 from 1 Affiliate or $1 from 1000 Affiliates. It’s up to You. I’m just here to help.
If you are interested, Heres our Forum (Yes, It’s New) http://www.affiliatenetworksite.com/forum

For those who want to join me on:



Or just do a Keyword search for wynn455 or affiliatenetworksite


I’ve been into Internet Marketing for 10 Years now. I’ve seen Programs come and go. My Start was (Still) a Halloween site, Halloween-Master.com, Selling Props, Costumes, Etc. Made good Money, but was only good for 2 months out of the year. So I started expanding into other Niches.
Now I have several Different Sites with Several different Niches.

How much was your highest month from 1 Affiliate?

ASAP Inkjet Store. See Here. Almost $1000. But my Account got suspended due to Abuse from Sub-Affiliates. Kinda sucks that I have to suffer for what my sub-affiliates were doing. Lost the battle after a long fight with ASAP Inkjet. Join at your Own Risk.

How much was your highest month from all Affiliate Programs?
Around $3000

So what are you working on now?
Hosting Reseller. Seems to be doing pretty good so far. I like the fact that I have every say in how much to charge and what my clients can have. From time to time, I do special promotions.

What are some of your sites?
asapinkjetstore.com (Made it while I was still with ASAP. Going to sell it now)
Plus a few others.

If you would like to join our Forum, please send an email with subject, “Join Your Forum” with your user ID and I will change your stat from ‘newly created’ to ‘subscriber’. Getting too many spams on there, so I had to enforce that.
C ya there and Happy Marketing.

If you would like to be a Contributor, Please follow these Rules:
#1 Post Useful Things Dealing with:
#2 No Post that just has nothing but Affiliate Links
#3 Links that Are Submitted Needs to be a link to a Legit Site, (Your Site, or Useful Site) Not to a site with an @aff=235 or &ref=meĀ  Link attached to it.
#4 You get 2 Warnings and then the 3rd your account will be terminated, posts deleted, IP banned, and all comments removed. Trust Me, its NOT Hard to do.
#5 Send an email to webmaster@affiliatenetworksite.com with Subject Contributor.
#6 Must already be a Subscriber.
#7 If in doubt, Ask.
#8 BE SURE To put a Full Name in Profile. Profile without names WILL Be Deleted.

I don’t care for Spammers and don’t take them too kindly.
For now, I do allow links to eCommerce for WordPress/Blogs.

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