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1. NO Adult content.
2. NO Sexual content.
3. NO Excessive profanity.
4. NO Illegal drugs or related content.
5. NO Hate speech or hate graphics content.
6. You will Not Modify the Script.
7. The whole Script Must be Copied.
8. The Page the Script will be on will be the Page you want your Viewers to goto.
9. You will Not Remove The Script, Unless you No Longer want to be on the Program. In Which we will remove you from our Database.
10. Your Banner Image must be 468 x 60. if you dont have one, goto here to make a basic one.
11. The page the link is going to, can not have nothing but Affiliate Links on it.
12. We do not allow Blogs. Unless Our Banner is in a Position where it's Not going to get sent to the Archives. Since over time, the Banner will get Losted. In other words, It can't be a Post.

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